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Updated on 06/27/2013
Published on 02/15/2013

SAE2 Division Research

- Food, consumers, Industries and Public policies

  • Analysis, design and impact of nutritional policies and food risk management,
  • Price transmission, upstream/downstream efficacy and regulation along the agricultural and agro-food chains,
  • Firms financial results and agri-business restructuring.

- Farm businesses, environment, natural resources and public policies

  • Adaptation of farm and forestry businesses to context changes: behaviours in the face of innovations and risks,
  • Adaptation of farms on the long term: demography, structures and production factors,
  • Natural resource management and protection (water, soil, biodiversity and landscapes)

- Localization, trade, climatic change and public policies

  • Markets and agricultural, agri-business and agri-food product trade: trade barriers and international strategy of firms,
  • Device tools for collective management in agriculture and forestry risks,
  • Economic dynamics, soil use and climate change

- Reflexive and methodological contributions

  • relationships Sciences-Innovations-Society
  • Generic contribution in Analysis and assessment of public policies

The research carried on gives rise to several types of products. The scientific production is first enhanced under the form of publications: articles in specific academic reviews, books and book chapters. They give rise to a contractual activity the main elements of which will be found here and rely on doctoral works, the list of PHD thesis being given here. Most of the time, this academic production is followed by an expertise activity for public or para-public organisms: the list of the relevant economic facts having been part of a collective mobilisation of the division research unit can be found hereafter.

The most illustrative of our recent contribution is spread on this website, under three various and additional forms:

  • Every year, a selection of relevant facts is proposed to the INRA General Directorate;
  • Following their publishing, the most significant articles and books are indicated in the Current News chapter
  • A four-page publication, called INRA-Social Sciences sums up some of these major results in a more accessible and detailed way than the topical News indication.