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Updated on 08/01/2013
Published on 02/04/2013

Presentation of the SAE2 Division   

The sphere of activities of the “Social Science, Agriculture and food, Rural Development and Environment Division” (SAE2) are the Economics and Social Sciences applied to domains of food, agriculture, environment and dynamics of regions.

The SAE2 division missions are to:

  • describe and understand the organization and operation modes of the economic and social world,
  • contribute to the analysis and clarification of the public and private actors’ decisions through the working out and implementation of conceptual and operational tools and
  • shed light on debates on the elaboration and assessment of public policies, on preparation and follow-up of European and international negotiations, as well on science/society relationships”.

The division includes is distributed in 19 research units among which

  • 12 joint research teams (UMR)
  • 6 proper research units (UPR)
  • 1 associated unit (USC) specialized in legal sciences

It includes 300 INRA agents among which 200 searchers and engineers (80% of economists and 20% of sociologies)

  • 100 technical and administrative agents
  • Plus 100 professors-searchers in the joint or associated units
  • 50 doctoral students
SAE2 Livres. © INRA

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