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Vue aérienne autour de Chalon-sur-Saône, région de Bourgogne.. © inra, SLAGMULDER Christian

Research units

Updated on 04/02/2019
Published on 02/07/2013

The SAE2 division Units

The organization of the research device of the SAE2 Division focuses on three additional objectives, notably through its association strategy under the form of joint research units or multi-disciplinary division units.

  • Reinforce links with best French University centres in economics and sociology;
  • Reinforce association with departments of economics and management of French agronomic universities;
  • Reinforce inter-divisional links with multi-disciplinary collaborations in view.


SAE2 units map. © INRA, Département Inra Sae2
SAE2 units map © INRA, Département Inra Sae2



UR ALISS - Ivry-sur-Seine
Food and Social Sciences
Director: Olivier ALLAIS
| Site Web |

UR ASTRO - Antilles-Guyane
Tropical Agro-systems
Director: François BUSSIERE
| Site Web |

UMR BETA - Strasbourg - Nancy
(2018 : merger of UMR LEF and UMR BETA)
Bureau for Economic Theory and Applications
Director: Julien PENIN Contact: Serge GARCIA (deputy director)
| Site Web |

UMR CEE-M - Montpellier (ex LAMETA)
Center for environmental economics - Montpellier
Director: Brice MAGDALOU Contact: Pierre COURTOIS (deputy director)
| Site Web |

Economics and Sociology Applied to Agriculture and Rural Areas
Director: Nicolas RENAHY
| Site Web |

USC CMH - Paris-Jourdan
Maurice Halbwachs Center
Director: Serge PAUGAM Contact: Séverine GOJARD (deputy director)
| Site Web |

UMR ECO PUB - Grignon
Public Economics
Director: Stéphane DE CARA
| Site Web |

UMR GAEL- Grenoble
Applied Economics
Director: Stéphane LEMARIE
| Site Web |

USC GREDEG-CREDECO - Sophia Antipolis
Centre for Economic Law Research
Director: Patrick MUSSO Contact: Isabelle DOUSSAN
| Site Web |

USC GREThA - Bordeaux
Research Group in Theoretical and Applied Economics 
Director: Tanguy BERNARD Contact: Eric GIRAUD-HERAUD
| Site Web |

UMR IRISSO - Université Paris-Dauphine (ex RiTME)
Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in Social Sciences
Director: Dominique MEDA Contact: Antoine de Raymond
| Site Web |

UMR Herbivores (EGEE team) - Clermont-Ferrand
Animal Farming, Economics and Management
Director: Isabelle CASSAR-MALEK
| Site Web |

UMR LISIS - Marne-La-Vallée
Interdisciplinary Lab - Science Innovations Societies
Director: Pierre-Benoit JOLY
| Site Web

UMR MOISA - Montpellier
Markets, Organizations, Institutions and Actor Strategies
Director: Paule MOUSTIER
| Site Web |

US ODR - Toulouse
Rural Division Observatory
Director: Thomas POMEON
| Site Web |

UMR PjSE - Paris-Jourdan
Jourdan Economic Sciences
Director: Jean-Marc TALLON
| Site Web |

UMR SADAPT - Ivry-sur-Seine
Sciences for Action and Development : Activities, Products, Territories
Director: Emmanuel RAYNAUD
| Site Web |

UMR SMART-LERECO - Rennes-Nantes
Structures and Markets in Agriculture, Ressources and Territories - Laboratory for Empirical Research in Economics
Director: Carl GAIGNE
| Site Web |

UMR TSE-R - Toulouse
(2016 : merger of UMR GREMAQ and UMR LERNA)
Director: Jean-Marie LOZACHMEUR Contact: Arnaud REYNAUD (deputy director)
| Site Web |

USGM - Ivry-sur-Seine
Support Unit for Management and Means
Director: Elisabeth DEDIEU
| Site Web |


  • UR: Research Unit
  • US: Service Unit
  • UAR: Administrative Unit
  • UMR: joint Research Unit